Congratulations on your coming Wedding!

To start with, I totally agree that wedding photos are always an essential part of any wedding.
But I also suggest that wedding video is a pretty vital add-on too. It is supa-cool!

  • You will get star in your own movie. After 1-2 weeks you will get a 5-10 minute video story-highlights film that can be sharecd on facebook and youtube
    You look so cool! 
  • You will also get on a USB stick, an Ultra High Definition 4k video including full vows for you to view on computer or TV.

Style - here's what we generally do for a wedding ceremony filming

We try to keep out the way as much as possible.

  • We will video bride and groom getting ready before the wedding. Some of us we'll just hover around capturing all that's happening. But we might stage a couple of shots also.
  • Then we'll video the ceremony, your arrival, vows, signing, 
  • What your ideas?! You can direct your own shot! At the photography session we'll stage a couple of clips for the video, such as a romantic walk somewhere nice.

Technology - how we capture the wedding

  1.  The main videographer uses a high-end camera we for close-up and special shots
  2. Where possible, a drone shot - zooming out usually (I am a licensed drone operator, and drone does not come close to you) We can try to accommodate any cool, custom shot you might like to come up with!
  3. We use a unique system of  4 x fixed 4k UHD cameras on stands well away from the chairs and wedding arch. These help ensure all moments are captured from 4 differrent angles. Additionally, 4 x microphones are used to ensure vows are recorded.